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Classic/Eaglehill-South Miniature Poodles
Charleston, South Carolina

Deborah & Rebecca Schnulle
Charleston, South Carolina
Phone: 812-631-4841

Classic Eaglehill-South Miniature Poodles

Classic/Eaglehill-South Miniature Poodles is located in Charleston, South Carolina. The poodles are FIRST, housepets, and SECOND, our show dogs in Conformation and in Agility. Our puppies are raised in our home and start their housetraining at 5 weeks old and start clicker training at 7 weeks old to sit, down, come and spin, to help us evaluate for performance abilities. Our puppies are never placed until they are at least 10 weeks old and have plenty of time being socialized and trained by us, with helping paw from their poodle relatives.

Health Screening: Eyes - Optigen PRCD PRA, OFA hip and elbow dysplasia, Patellas, Legg Perthes and regular CERF eye exams. ALL of our dogs are OFA tested and registered - not just some. We guarantee our poodles for their lifetime for any genetic problems where testing is available in the miniature variety. We encourage our puppy buyers to keep in contact with us throughout their dogs lifetime. We care forever about our poodles and how they are doing.

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